Leading Holistic Therapist, Spiritual Self-love Soul Activator, Divorce Recovery Coach & Author, Zelda Marsh Presents:


 ATTENTION: Women Suffering Heartache From Divorce, Breakups, & Toxic Relationships

Activate Your Soul
Cure your Breakup
Heal your heart

 Heal your broken heart, release divorce trauma, fall madly deeply in love with your luscious life and call in your beloved soul mate. 
"You could not ask for anyone more loyal, friendly, hardworking and loving" - Elizabeth, UK

Divine Goddess, are you suffering heartache from all the Shit From your Previous divorce, breakup, or toxic relationship? 

And even after a divorce, have you found yourself in a 
new relationship that is still leaving you feeling 
 powerless and stuck?
You've been a mother, lover, wife and given all of yourself totally to those roles. Now you feel like you’ve lost your spark, your sense of identity, and you’re feeling unworthy, unloved, and undervalued so much that your true self is a distant memory of who you are. 
You feel the resentment of your past hurts swimming around in your psyche, and you know it’s affecting every aspect of your life and relationships. You just don’t know precisely how to move on, once and for all. 

Healing Your Inner Goddess

  • Release and clear toxic and negative patterns that have been the cause of pain​
  • ​Step into a luscious life with speed and grace
  • ​Invest in yourself with time, money and energy
  • ​​Allow guidance and expertise to transform you through this healing transformational journey
  • ​Connect to a divinely led, purposeful, and vibrant life

See What Others Are Saying

"Honest Advice"

"Zelda is genuine, compassionate and level-headed. She can always be counted on, offers hard, honest advice and support when needed, and above all she listens." - Melanie, UK

"So Worthwhile"

"I learned that I am valuable just the way I am. My confidence is much improved and I have grown emotionally. ‘The program’ was so worthwhile! I’m thankful for Zelda’s work with me."- Barrie, USA

"Positively Magic" 

"Zelda, you are one of the most positively energised people I know. You sprinkle your magic upon all those that come into
contact with you. You make
a difference to others simply by being you." - Deb, AUS 

"Thankful For Her"

"Zelda listens and is able to see from all points of view in any situation. She has never let me down, always has the knack to make me smile. I couldn’t be more thankful to have her in my life." - Gemma, UK

"Lifelong Friend"

"Zelda is an amazing, wonderful person and I am very honoured to have her in my life as a lifelong friend. I have always known that if ever I needed her she would be there - I’ll love her always." - Victoria, UK

"Loyal & Loving"

"You could not ask for anyone more loyal, friendly, hardworking and loving, Anybody who has Zelda in their lives are richer for having her." 

- Elizabeth, UK

Hello, let me introduce myself.

I'm Zelda Marsh

Leading holistic therapist, self-love Soul activator, Divorce Recovery coach, and author of bounceBackAbility-Reclaim your power and passion after divorce.

I have 20 + years of training, qualifications, and personal experience as a Holistic Therapist, Healer, Spiritual and NLP Life Coach, and Author of ‘BounceBackAbility, helping you reclaim your power and passion and live a confident, balanced,  aware and luscious life.

Have Healed from a severe emotional, physical, and mental breakdown. I survived 2 divorces, and many failed relationships, which helped me radically heal my mental health and wellbeing, so I can now help you love who you are and create a luscious new life.
The wise gifts of intuition, clairempathy, and clairsentience, helping you through the masterful art of listening to face your shadows, overcome the past, and become a potent manifestor of happiness. 
Learned the art of resilience and manifesting new beginnings through overcoming childhood trauma, abuse, and suicide, so I can help you create a forgiving and loving heart and take back the power in your own life!

Activate your inner goddess and Get moving into a luscious loving life

Stop wasting precious time and energy trying to figure it all out by yourself

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